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U-Boat Replica Watch

U-Boat Replica released three beautiful watches that showcase the Maison's expertise in French lacquer. The three watches are unified by a single theme – Cheval d'Orient, which is French for “Oriental Horse”. U-Boat Replica often uses this theme, which is inspired by Persian miniatures. It displays motifs of equestrian scenes from the past. Three watches, each with a dial adorned with beautiful and elaborate motifs of horses, are released in limited editions of 24 pieces. They are also all white gold and have a self-winding caliber H1837. Hours and minutes are the only functions supported.

The U-Boat Replica collection is a collection whose motifs can be seen on a variety of different U-Boat Replica products. In this series, which is based on ancient Persian miniatures, horses are depicted with saddle rugs in a variety of colors. The overall style is romantic, and its aim is to evoke old-fashioned silk caravans.u-boat replica Three stunning timekeepers are created using the equestrian motifs from the Cheval d'Orient Collection. U-Boat Replica artisans used French Lacquer and Miniaturization techniques to create the horse motifs on three different dials.

The process is time-consuming and demanding. However, there's a catch. Bamboo wood is commonly used as the base for this technique. The dials are made with a metal background. This makes the process more difficult and requires multiple alterations. U-Boat Replica's artisans use a brush with an extremely fine tip to create the three beautiful scenes. The brush is used to apply the lacquer pigments mixed with copal varnish.

Initial stage of dial making is to create a black background with the equestrian motif. The artisans of the maison had to use more than 30 layers of black paint to create an immaculate scene. The drying time between each coat is three days. It takes three months to complete the dial background.

This is when the artistic work really begins.Rolex Milguass Replica Watches The process begins with the sketching of the contours for the scene. Next, the desired colors are created by crushing and mixing the pigments according to the appropriate proportions. U-Boat Replica artisans then apply the different colors, one by one, until the scene is complete. After this difficult task is complete, the next ten-day drying process begins. The final stage begins. The final stage involves applying up to 20 coats of lacquer transparent, giving the image a depth that is unique for this technique.

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